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Promoter prediction

The main topic of my research is the accurate and fast prediction of gene promoters. The accurate prediction of gene promoters in whole genomes is still one of the most difficult problems in bioinformatics. Ab initio promoter detection in anonymous sequences is at best in it's infancy, in eukaryots only for Human and Drosophila there exist tools that can predict promoters to some extent.

In my research I will focus on applying machine learning techniques for feature extraction, classification and evaluation to the problem of annotating promoters correctly. Hitherto most programs have used a functional description of the promoter, promoters are seen a collection of motifs that follow each other. Instead of this rather sequential approach I will focus on the three dimensional structure of a promoter. It has been shown before that promoters have distinct structural features and it should be possible to use this distinct structure to predict promoters.

Promoter structure

While all promoter sequences have a distinct structure compared to genes or intergenics, it is very interesting to study to structure of different classes of promoters and how they have evolved.


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