Srilakshmy Harikrishnan

Phd Student
(Group member since 2015)

+32 (0) 9 33 13 823

VIB / Ghent University
Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent


  • 2007-2011: Bachelor of Technology in Bioinformatics, SASTRA University, India.
    Thesis Title: “Understand the pathogenic effect of the reported mutations in LRP5 causing FEVR, through structural bioinformatics approach”
  • 2013-2015: Master of Science in Bioinformatics, Uppsala University, Sweden.
    Thesis Title: “Sequence and gene expression evolution of duplicated genes in Salix”
  • August 2015-present: PhD student, Department of Plant Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, VIB - University of Ghent, Belgium.
    Topic: “Genome-wide gene analysis in Eurychasma (oomycete) and Ectocarpus (brown alga) to decipher algal host - pathogen interaction” (Marie Curie Training Network)


Interested in answering key questions in evolutionary biology through bioinformatics approach. My interest mainly focuses on gene expression and transcriptomics analysis, genome wide analysis, gene predictions, genome annotations and comparative evolutionary genomics.


(1) Harikrishnan, S., Pucholt, P., Berlin, S. (2015) Sequence and gene expression evolution of paralogous genes in willows. Scientific Reports 5:18662.

VIB / UGent
Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Genomics
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent
+32 (0) 9 33 13807 (phone)
+32 (0) 9 33 13809 (fax)

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