Polina Novikova

(Group member since 2016)

+ 32 (0) 9 33 13 536

VIB / Ghent University
Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent


September 2016 - present, Postdoctoral researcher, Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Genomics group of Y. Van de Peer, Department of Plant Systems Biology, VIB, Gent, Belgium. 
2011 - 2016, PhD student, Population Genetics group of Dr. M. Nordborg, Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology, Vienna, Austria
2011 - 2016, Associate PhD student, Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Austria
2009 - 2010, Biotechnologist, Department of Cell Culture, Stem Cell Bank Pokrovski, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2004 - 2009, Diploma student, supervisor - Dr. P.M. Krasilnikov, Department of Biophysics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.




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(7) Rabanal, F.A., Nizhynska, V., Mandáková, T., Novikova, P.Y., Lysak, M., Mott, R., Nordborg, M. (2017) Unstable inheritance of 45S rRNA genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. G3 (Bethesda) pii: g3.117.040204.

(6) Novikova, P.Y., Tsuchimatsu, T., Simon, S., Nizhynska, V., Voronin, V., Burns, R., Fedorenko, O.M., Holm, S., Säll, T., Prat, E., Marande, W., Castric, V., Nordborg, M. (2017) Genome sequencing reveals the origin of the allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica. Mol. Biol. Evol. pii: msw299.

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(3) He, F., Arce, AL., Schmitz, G., Koornneef, M., Novikova, P.Y., Beyer, A., de Meaux, J. (2016) The Footprint of Polygenic Adaptation on Stress-Responsive Cis-Regulatory Divergence in the Arabidopsis Genus. Mol. Biol. Evol. 33(8):2088-101.

(2) Muir, G., Ruiz-Duarte, P., Hohmann, N., Mable, BK., Novikova, P.Y., Schmickl, T., Guggisberg, A., Koch, M.A. (2015) Exogenous selection rather than cytonuclear incompatibilities shapes asymmetrical fitness of reciprocal Arabidopsis hybrids. Ecology and Evolution 5(8):1734-45.

(1) Novikova, P.Y., Krasilnikov, P.M. (2009) Molecular Modelling of the Reactive Configuration of Peroxidised Lipid and Alfa-Tocopherol in the Membrane. Cell Biophysics 54(4):476–80.

VIB / UGent
Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Genomics
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent
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