Kevin Vanneste

(Group member from 2009 until 2015)

+ 32 (0) 9 33 13 758

VIB / Ghent University
Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent


2014: PhD in Bioinformatics, VIB, Ghent University, Belgium
2009: MSc in Biology, Ghent University, Belgium


Originally a traditional biologist, I always had a strong interest in evolution. Whether considering developmental biology, genetics, anatomy, ecology, or any other of the hundreds of topics within biology, it was always the link with evolution that fascinated and inspired me most. Presently active in the field of bioinformatics, I view computational biology as a tool to explore the concepts of (molecular) evolution. My research focuses on gene and genome duplications. It has become clear that both gene and genome duplication provide the raw genetic material that evolution can tinker with, but our understanding of the underlying processes remains fairly limited. My main interests are the exact molecular processes and evolutionary routes that lead to increased species diversity and complexity after duplication. In particular, my current research focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of being a polyploid species that underwent a whole genome duplication, and under which conditions the former outweigh the latter.


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(1) * Voordeckers, K., * Brown, M.T., Vanneste, K., van der Zande, E., Voet, A., Maere, S., Verstrepen, K.J. (2012) Reconstruction of ances metabolic enzymes reveals molecular mechanisms underlying evolutionary innovation through gene duplication. PLoS Biology 10, e1001446 . *contributed equally

VIB / UGent
Bioinformatics & Evolutionary Genomics
Technologiepark 927
B-9052 Gent
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