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Gene family evolution - functional divergence of duplicated genes

A large fraction of genes can be grouped into families. Although the biochemical function is generally the same within a family, the biological function varies greatly. My interest lies in the reason for this functional diversification. To do this, annotation is an important issue: find all the members of a family and predict a correct gene model. In plants, this is not as easy as it seems: gene prediction software is still lagging behind and sequence data is far from as abundant as in the animal world. I worked for two years in the Genoplante Arabidopsis thaliana annotation project and have (co-)analysed (mining, annotation, phylogeny,...) many gene families since then. Some examples are genes involved in cell cycle regulation, monolignol biosynthesis and flower development (MADS). My current goal is to investigate the mechanisms behind the functional divergence within these and other gene families.

Genome evolution

The expansion and functional diversification of gene families is thightly linked to the genome evolution. From duplications of large chromosome segments over chromosomal duplications to poly-and alloploidy events, all have their impact on the availability and redundancy of genes and their interactors, and, by consequence, on the functional diversification within a gene family. In this respect, we investigated ancient duplications in the evolutionary history of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome, and made a critical assessment of the reliability of different methodologies that can be used for this.


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